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Users will be able to create and tailor their own Profile to showcase all the NFTs they have either created, collected or listed for sale. Users will be able to select NFT profile pictures and create a decentralized username. Each user profile will also show the amount of NFT posts, friends, bio as well as mutual friends and collections.
When sharing an NFT we want the user experience to be as seamless as possible for both the crypto and non-crypto users. Users will be able to share any NFT they have in their wallet, providing a proof of ownership and showcasing tool.
This section will be a place where Web3 and non-Web3 users can Explore the NFT space and find new items, collections and friends. Here you will find a list of public NFT collections and find posts and NFTs within that collection.
With the Wallet section we aim to provide non-Web3 users with an opportunity to get familiar with their wallet in an intuitive way. Soon we will also create a new feature to make the wallet creation process as seamless as possible. On the other hand, as an NFT social network we believe the wallet is an essential slot in the Web3 social experience and we want to make it so with new features soon to be announced.
The community section will be one of the most essential features of the app. Designed for communities to leverage this tool and grow with it, this section will allow users to communicate and interact with each other in a wallet-to-wallet fashion. At the start, the main feature will be wallet-to-wallet messaging, however we already have many cool features in mind which are likely to blow you off your seat! Stay tuned.
A PLATFORM built for


Web3 creators will find a place where they can mint, share and monetize their NFTs all in one place. As a creator you will be able to upload any of the assets you have created and build your fan base to monetize seamlessly. As a traditional Web2 creator entering the Web3 space, you will find a place to develop new business models and engage with new communities of users.


Collectors will be able to search Web3 horizontally across all categories (Art, Gaming, Collectibles, Music, Photography, Sports, Virtual Worlds and more) or vertically across individual  upcoming artists, creators or users in the digital asset industry. Moreover, they will find a place not only to purchase but also to share their collection with their followers.

NFT Projects

Continent is being built with a vision for NFT projects and brands to enrich, grow and give value to their ecosystem. Not only via the added utilities and tools the platform can give to NFT projects such as token-gated communities, live-streams and joint collaborations but also via the Web3 network effects that can emerge between individual creators and community member within an existing community.


At the forefront, we have built the platform with a great focus in mind: community. We aim to provide new tools for community members to draw more value and utility from their NFTs. In a platform like Continent, community members will be able to chat between each other and see mutual collections they share, providing new ways of interaction and gathering for community members.

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