Jul. 3, 2023
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We plan to make our platform free to use and open to the public. For those who choose to support Continent more directly and take part more closely in our growth, however, we have created the Continent Key.

The Continent Key will be launched as an NFT a few weeks prior to the public launch of our platform. As an immediate benefit, all key holders will be able to access the platform during our beta to reserve account names and create custom groups. All beta features of the platform will also be rolled out to key holders first before going public.

In addition to this, we plan to provide as much value as possible to all key holders by providing them with access to all community collaborations and whitelist opportunities we have lined up.

Continent key holders who stake their key will also have access to more rewards in the future, and can expect to wake up checking their continent app the way a kid checks under the tree on Christmas morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get with a Continent Key?


The Continent Key will mark the first interaction between Continent and its community. When you purchase a Continent Key you get access to the community and to exclusive benefits such as: Early access to the platform and future feature rollouts, Airdrops, Staking Multipliers and more to unveil.

Is there a Discord?


Yes! You can find our Discord here, come and say hello!

Is there a Twitter?


There is! Find us on @continent_io.

How are the 10,000 Continent Keys distributed?


- 100 keys will be held in the Company Reserve
- 284 keys will be reserved for all users who previously received a Whitelist Mint.
- 9616 keys will be available for early users of the platform.
- Keys will be capped at 1 key per user.

How much time will allowlist winners have to mint their NFT?


Until they run out.

What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?


Secondary royalties are the 5% creator fee from secondary sales. These proceeds will be used to continue the growth and development of Continent.